Duration of Service: 4 to 6 weeks

financial foundations icon

Stand-alone Project
Starting at $2,400


Duration of Service: Ongoing

Wealth Planning​ icon
Starting at $2,400 per quarter.
Fee based on 0.80% of Net Worth up to $4 million

Wealth Management

Duration of Service: Ongoing

comprehensive wealth management icon

Defined as $10 million plus Net Worth value. Starting at $68,000 per year

Case Studies

While every plan we create is unique, we’ve developed a few hypothetical case studies—based on actual situations we’ve faced with our clients—to help you better understand how our services can fit into your life. 

All Clients gain access to our Illuminate Professional Network.

Vetted Outside Professional that meets the Illuminate standard of service, fair market value fees, privacy and care of personal information, and industry expertise.

Health & Life


FInance & banking

real estate


A chart comparing our three levels of service: financial porjects, Wealth planning and comprehensive wealth management.