to Calming Clarity

Do you want to feel confident
in your finances?

Everyone has uncertainty. What does the future hold? How do I balance today and tomorrow? How do I provide and plan for my family? How do I stop worrying about the financial side of my business and instead focus on creating the impact I feel called to make?
At Illuminate Wealth Management, we work with individuals, families and small business owners on their full financial picture; everything from cash flow and paying for education to saving and investing for big goals such as retirement, to individual and small business tax planning so that our clients can gain clarity and develop a path that is unique to their own goals, hopes and dreams.

You are Unique.
You Deserve to Be Treated That Way.

You have many options when it comes to managing your finances. Our clients want a boutique experience, rather than to feel like just another number in the crowd. We focus on working with clients looking for a guide to join them on their journey to build their ideal life.


By focusing on serving a small number of clients, we are able to dive deep into each client’s situation and tailor our services as needed.

Full Wealth Planning

We focus on comprehensive financial planning at the core of our service to our clients, working with each client’s entire financial picture to develop a plan that works for them.

Fee-Only & Fiduciary

We are committed to making investment and financial planning recommendations based upon your best interest, not just what is suitable to your situation (unlike most advisors). We have chosen to be compensated ONLY by the fees our clients pay directly to us, rather than accepting any Commissions.


Many clients come to us with one or two immediate concerns or issues that need to be addressed, while also looking for an ongoing relationship covering all areas of personal finance. We have structured our process so that each client can get what they need, when they need it.

Contact us to schedule a free, introductory meeting

Attend the Personalized Immediate Issues Meeting, focusing on solving your most pressing concerns
Continue to work together throughout your financial life, to avoid future urgent, uncertain issue

How Do We Stack Up?

You Can Plan for
the Life You Want

Do you know how your financial life fits into your LIFE? Are your finances working toward your fulfillment, or standing in your way? We work to empower our clients to make decisions about their money that helps them achieve their goals, find fulfillment in their finances, and prepare for their future, whatever it holds.