Podcast Appearances

Do High Net Worth Individuals Really Do That?

On this episode of CFO at Home, Vince has a conversation with Ben Hockema about how the habits, routines, and behaviors that he’s observed in High Net Worth Individuals that he’s actually worked with lines up with some of the common personal financial advice on wealth building that’s available today.

Tips Anyone Can Use on Their Journey to Financial Freedom

How money is a tool. Where the stories you have about money originate. How to navigate differing financial beliefs with your spouse (maybe one of you sees money as providing security and the other sees it as providing opportunity). What criteria you should consider when making investment decisions. The stages every person goes through on their journey to financial freedom. If you’re not completely satisfied with your relationship with money, listen in and get the gears turning on how you can begin to make financial progress you can feel great about!

Finding Joy in Financial Planning and Pursuing The 6 Stages of Financial Independence

Discover the ins and outs of financial intimacy and how it can strengthen your relationships in this eye-opening conversation with Ben Hockema of Illuminate Wealth Management and our host Ed Coambs of Healthy Love and Money. Learn how to navigate the challenges couples face in their financial lives together while uncovering the psychology of money and the important role it plays in our lives.

Streaking Your Finances

What is the number one mistake people make in financial planning? Ben Hockema addresses this question and many more has he talks with Jeff and Jami about what financial planning is really about and it’s not about whole life insurance or savvy stock trades. Ben shares insight, wisdom, and stories on what you can do to make your financial future bright.