This Is The Story of Podcast with Patrick Ross

My guest this week is Patrick Ross, estate planning & business attorney from Ross Law Firm in Inverness, IL. I have worked with Patrick for a number of years, both on my own estate plan and with my clients and I appreciate the thorough yet personal approach Patrick takes with his clients. We recorded this episode earlier in 2021, and I am excited to share this to you now.

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This Is The Story Of Gary Bowyer

We have a special guest this week, Gary Bowyer, one of my partners at Illuminate Wealth Management. Gary discusses the life cycle of his financial planning business from 1986 to 2010, transitioning to retirement and finally becoming a partner in Illuminate Wealth Management in 2020.

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This Is The Story Of Renner Winston

This week our guest is Renner Winston, the co-owner of Atlas Solar Advisors, a company dedicated to helping homes and businesses save money by converting over to clean and renewable energy.

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