Financial Independence Video Series

Today we’re talking about becoming financially independent. The first step is to have an emergency fund.

Today’s video is the next step (step 2) on getting financial independent! Follow along our six part series. The topic today is how much savings to have put away.

We are on part 3 of our financial independence series! This is the stage of being able to have enough money saved up so that if you lose your job, want to change careers, maybe get further education, you have the financial freedom to be able to do that.

Stage four of financial independence. The leanFIRE movement. FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retire Early.

Yes, we are now on part 5! I love talking about Financial independence and helping and empowering ppl to be free with their finances! Today we’ll be talking about retirement.
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We’ve made it to part 6 of the Financial Independence series. I hope you have enjoyed these videos!